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  • International Union of Notaries (UINL)

    • The International Union of Latin Notaries (UINL) was founded in 1948. Its legal headquarters are in Buenos Aires while its administrative offices are in Rome.

    • It now acts as an umbrella organisation for all the publicly authorised notaries in the world ( rather than just those from Latin countries; the acronym UINL has nevertheless been retained.

    • According to its articles of association, the UINL is "a non-governmental organisation constituted to promote, coordinate and develop the civil law notary worldwide".

    • It has 87 members on four continents.

    • It has a Board of Directors which acts as its executive, a General Council whose role is to make proposals, an Assembly of the member notary bodies and a large number of commissions including continental commissions for African, American and European affairs, various inter-continental commissions including those on human rights, ethics, public relations, and the International Notarial Cooperation Commission (C.C.N.I.)

  • Association of French-Speaking Notaries (Association du Notariat Francophone - ANF)

    • The Association of French-Speaking Notaries, which was founded on 17 March 1992 in Paris, brings together 23 groups of notaries worldwide who share French-speaking values and work together on projects in common interest such as :
      - ensuring all African children have civil status
      - securing land ownership .

    • The ANF regularly organises conferences and training courses.

  • The 28th International Congress of notaries will take place in Paris

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