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Prices : Indexes and maps

  • Notaires-INSEE Indexes

    •  In the first quarter of 2016, prices for older properties increased for the third consecutive quarter in mainland France

  • Maps of median prices per sqm of older apartments

    • Apartment prices continued to fall year on year.
  • Maps of median selling price for older houses

    • Prices of houses increase 1% in comparison with the same quarter of the previous year

  • Seasonally corrected prices

In the same way that the calculation of the indexes makes it possible to strip out struc-tural effects, the seasonal corrections are intended to correct seasonal fluctuations. The purpose is to ensure a fair comparison of trends between two consecutive quarters, without this interpretation being distorted by the time of year. For example, each year the property prices rise during the third quarter (particularly those of houses) due to the demand from families driven by the school year.

  • Median prices

The INSEE Notary indexes are available only in those geographical regions in which the number of transactions is sufficiently high. At more detailed levels, median prices are used. The median price is the price at which 50 % of transactions have been made at a lower price and 50 % at a higher price. It represents the “midpoint” of the market in a more representative way than the average as it is less affected by extreme values.

  • INSEE Notary indexes

The calculation method used for the INSEE Notary indexes is based on econometric models which break down the price of a property according to its main characteristics (location, size, comfort, etc.) in order to be better able to withstand structural effects that cause prices to vary from quarter to quarter.

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