In the case of a inheritance, we do not agree on the choice of the notaire. My mother, the surviving spouse, wishes to take the family's notaire and I do not agree with this choice. Who's deciding ?

The heirs may choose a common notairey or each take a notaire. But in the latter case, a single notaire will be responsible for the settlement of the inheritance . The other notaires will provide advice and assistance to their clients.

What notaire will be in charge of the inheritance ?

In the absence of agreement on the choice of notaire, the regulation of the notarial profession establishes an order of priority:

  • the notaire of the surviving spouse,
  • the notaire of the heirs,
  • the notaire of the universal legatees,
  • the notaire of non-reserved heirs,
  • equally ranked among the 3 previous orders, the notaire representing the strongest interest.

The notaire in charge of the inheritance will therefore be that of your mother.