Confinement: how to manage the signing of a promise or a property sale?

Signatures, when possible, can be done by proxy, according to procedures which will be indicated to you by your notary. It is also possible, if your notary offers it, to attend the meeting by videoconference. Most offices are equipped.

For sales agreements, in progress, contact your notary to take stock of the different deadlines relating to the conditions precedent and the completion deadline initially set.

If you have a loan offer delivered to you by your banking establishment, also contact your bank advisor. Note, however, that in principle, a loan offer is valid for four months from its acceptance. This information is mentioned in the terms and conditions of the offer.

Your notary is there to help you during this difficult period linked to the health situation which affects all sectors of activity. In connection with many public and private partners, it is also subject to the hazards due to the reduction of activities and / or closings.

For any question, please contact a notary.