I am a creditor of a person who has just died. How to find the notary charged with settling his inheritance?

It is possible in particular to:
- question the heirs of the deceased to know the name of the notary they have chosen;
- examine the Central Registry of Wills to determine whether a person has deposited a will with a notary who could also have been responsible for settling the estate;
- contact the local tax authorities who have, in the event of the filing of a declaration of succession or a deed of partition, the contact details of the notary in charge of the succession;
- contact the land registration of the department if the deceased was the owner of a property. A certificate of ownership or partition may have been published;
- contact notaries close to the domicile of the deceased and the heirs;
- write to the president of the departmental chamber of notaries;
- contact a genealogist.