My father died. We are three children. He designated me as a beneficiary of life insurance whose premiums represent a large part of his wealth. My brothers tell me to reinstate this sum in the inheritance. Can they demand it?

Upon the death of the insured, namely your father, the life insurance contract is settled and the capital is paid to the beneficiaries.

As a rule, the assets of a life insurance contract are not part of the estate of the insured.

However, all or part of the premiums may be reinstated in the assets of the estate where these have been grossly exaggerated with regard to the assets of the insured at the time when they were paid.

If it is permissible to pay as many premiums as one desires on a life insurance contract, the latter can not become an instrument that infringes the rights of the heirs who are the beneficiaries, with a view to indirectly disinheriting them.