What settlement of PACS can I choose?

You have the choice between two settlements, which must be taken according to your personal situation, your life plans, your vision of life for two...

- The separation of estate : This is the applicable settlement if the partners do not specify anything in their PACS contract. Everyone owns the property they acquire during the PACS. However, you can decide to buy a property together. The property then belongs to you in jointly owned proportions in the proportions indicated in the deed.

- Indivision : You may prefer indivision jointly owned settlement specfic to the PACS. The properties purchased during the PACS, in two or separately, are deemed to belong to you in half. In this case, you have no recourse against your partner if he has contributed little or little to the financing of the assets acquired. However, even under this settlement, some properties may belong to only one of the partners (for example : when property is received by gift or succession). And the assets owned by each of the partners before the PACS? Each of the partners retains ownership of it.

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