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­French Notaires take their public service mission throughout the territory.
They contribute to the country's economic life, as evidenced by these statistics­:

Figures of the notary profession as on July 31, 2017:

10.877 notaires, of whom 7.202 practise as partners in 3.133 companies.

4.660 main offices, together with 1.347 secondary offices , a total of 6.007 points of contact throughout France

More than 50,000 employees, which, including notaires, takes the number of people working in offices to over 60,000.

4.474 notaires are women (41%).

The average age is 48.

Economic activity

Each year notaires:

  • are consulted by 20 million people,
  • handle €600 billion of capital,
  • draw up more of 4 million authentic instruments , and more of 320000 statements of inheritance ,
  • generate turnover of €652­ billion

Breakdown of Notaires activity according to turnover

  • Real estate, sales related to building, leases: 50.1%
  • Instruments related to loans: 10%
  • Instruments related to the family, inheritance: 31.9%
  • Property negotiations: 2.7%
  • Corporate law, consulting services, valuation, property/estate advice: 5.3%
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