Investment in rental property: MALRAUX system

The Malraux system allows owners of old buildings to benefit from very attractive tax advantages for any complete restoring operation of a building, provided that it is located in a certain sector.

What are the conditions of the Malraux system?

Concerned housings

Bare housings located either in a protected area, or in an old downgraded district, or in an area protecting architectural, urban and landscape heritage (ZPPAUP), or in an area to enhance architecture and "AVAP" inheritance and for the tenant's main residential use.

Place of housing

France metropolitan and French overseas departments

Commitment duration

The owner must agree to rent the unfurnished property for a minimum period of 9 years.

Tax reduction directly attributable

A limit of 400,000€ /year of work for 4 consecutive years

  • 30% for the works carried out on a building located in a Remarkable Heritage Site "RHS" with an Approved Preserved Enhancement plan "PSMV" (Old sectors preserved) and in Degraded Old Quarters "QAD".
  • 22% for works that are carried out on a building located in a Remarkable Heritage Site "RHS", with a Valuation Plan for Approved Architecture and Heritage "PVAP", or whose restoration program has been declared as public utility. (Former ZPPAUP and AVAP).

Restrictions pertaining to tenant

The tenant must not belong to the tax household of the lessor, nor be an ascendant or a descendant.

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