Town planning: why do you need to consult it before buying?

The purpose of these documents, which are drawn up following decisions by public bodies, is to define the rules governing land allocation and use (particularly the purpose of buildings).

What are town planning documents?

The following are considered as town planning documents:

  • land development plan,
  • local urban development plan,
  • municipal plan, natural and technological risk prevention plans,
  • protection and improvement plans,
  • charters of regional natural parks, etc.

The documents are binding on public and private bodies.

What contains this documents?

The documents contain

  • the town planning easements (i.e. rules limiting the right to build on land),
  • reserved land,
  • and any other rules that restrict the right to use the land.

What do the town planning documents allow?

On the basis of these documents, which are essential for drawing up all deeds of sale and real estate projects, the notaire will provide the owner or future owner with all the advice they need regarding the obligations and possibilities relating to planning rules. Therefore the notaire will guide clients in their investment projects.

The notaires’ knowledge of the legal and human background also enables them to give informed opinions when such documents are drawn up at the request of local authorities.

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