Ab intestat

In the absence of a will . The properties that form the inheritance are shared among the heirs according to legal rules.

Accretion clause

Pact by which several individuals purchase jointly a property, enjoy such property during their life and which ownership is entirely transferred to the last survivor.


Term used to define the properties acquired by the spouses during the marriage through their income. In the legal matrimonial regime of "joint property", those properties are held in common, whether they have been acquired by the two spouses or by only one of them.

Action in abatment

Legal action allowing the rightful heirs to contest the donations and bequests made by the deceased person and that exceed the disposable portion and encroach on their forced heirship 's share.


Act by which the public notary collects testimonies with a views to confirm the existence of a right with the help of witnesses.


All properties, rights and obligations of a person.


Verification of a firm carried out (generally) annually by notaries from another department with the assistance of an accountant in charge of the verification of the accounts, the development of the audit and the tax situation of the audited notary. An audit report shall be forwarded to the President of the Chamber and the Public Prosecutor.

Authentic deed

Deed received by a public officer having the authenticating authority in the place where the deed had been drawn up and with the requisite formalities . The authentic notarial deed is accompanied by a definite date, probative force and enforceability .