Effective possession

Right of use of a property.


Attribute of the authentic deed in virtue of which the deed produces the effect of a final judgment, without a prior decision being required.

Enforceable copy

True copy of the minutes certified by the notary apposed by the enforcement formula; it is, for example, forwarded to the bailiff in order to obtain the execution of the contract (examples : lease , acknowledgment of debt).

The old expression of "Grosse" ("large" but meaning " issuing of execution ") is still used (since it was formerly written in large letters).

Estate without known heirs

Status of an inheritance which heirs remain unresponsive or to which they have renounced.


Person designated by the deceased to ensure that the testamentary dispositions are fulfilled. He/she may issue bequests and sell some properties.


Procedure allowing to take measures to enforce either a foreign court order or an arbitration award, whether or not the latter has been taken in France or abroad.


Procedure allowing the administration, for a public purpose, to dispossess a person of his/her property, in return for compensation.