Official rates resulting from a decree allowing to calculate the emoluments of notaries.


Two forms of remuneration for the notaries:

  • The emoluments are a priced and compulsory compensation allocated to a law official for his/her work.
  • The fees are the remuneration for the services and formalities (e.g. consultations) and the deeds that are not priced (corresponding to the activities belonging to the competitive sector).
    Those fees may be modified and shall be subject to a prior agreement between the notaire and his/her client (rules imposed by the decree of the 8th of March 1978, Article 4.

Forced share

Fate which awaits a gift or bequest which amount exceeds the disposable portion.

A reducible donation (gift) is an excessive gift or bequest which, upon request of the heirs whose forced heirship is cut into, must be reduced by the amount exceeding the disposable portion.

Forfeit clause

Amount stipulated in a contract and allowing to be relieved from the obligation of performing the main obligation stipulated in the contract. This clause relieves the parties from their obligation of performing of the contract.


All operations prior and post execution of a deed.

Fraud by deceit

Vitiated consent, unlawful behavior meant to deceive any person in order to obtain his/her consent which he/she would otherwise not have granted. The fraud by deceit is a cause of nullity for the agreement.

French forced heirship

Portion of the succession property towards which the law guarantees a devolution, free of charges, to particular heirs called rightful heirs, if those are called in the inheritance and if they accept it.

Full adoption

Adoption causing a break in the bond between the family of origin and the adopted child and considering the latter as a legitimate child of the adoptive family.