Professional in charge of establishing family trees. He/she is often asked to search for unknown heirs or to check the evolution of a complicated inheritance .


Agreement through which an individual transfers to another his/her right of ownership (or part thereof) on a asset or a number of assets , without consideration. The one giving is the donator and the one receiving is the donee .

Gift from hand to hand

Gifts from hand to hand.

Gift or bequest

Legal act drawn up on an inter-vivos basis or in the disposition of a will by which a person transfers to the benefit of another a right or a property belonging to his/her assets . A gift or bequest is carried out with or without charges. A charge consists in one or more duties that the beneficiary agrees to perform if he/she accepts the gift or bequest.


Agreement according to which a person transfers to another his/her right of ownership (or only part of the right of ownership ) over an asset or assets , free of charge. The person who gives is the donor, the person who receives the donee .


Obligation imposed by law or contract on the person transferring the property or the enjoyment of the property or of a debt to compensate the damage in kind or cash against all losses incurred following the sale or rental of an asset, or following the performance of a service.


­­A person who guarantees one of the parties to a contract that the contract will be performed in the event of failure of the other party. There is a personal guarantee when the commitment consists in merely replacing the failing party. On the other hand, there is a real guarantee when property is given as a guarantee through a mortgage being taken out.