Scale of fees

Official scale resulting from a decree used to calculate notaires’ emoluments.


Stamp showing the representation of the French Republic and the name of the notary, affixed to the notarial deeds and attesting that the deed comes from a public officer.

Secondary offices

­An office dependent on a main office located in another commune.

Selling for a life annuity

Right that is extinguished upon the death of its holder.


In order to put an end to a characterized jointly owned property by addition of several individuals' rights of ownership in the same property or in the same pool of assets , a sharing is carried out. Each of the individuals involved receives a fraction in this respect.

Simple adoption

Adoption leaving links between the child and his/her family of origin.

Subdivision of ownership rights

The right of ownership in an asset is divided in three elements: the right of use, the right of beneficial use (benefits) et the right of disposal of said asset.

The subdivision of ownership rights consists in giving to different individuals different elements of the ownership right in an asset: e.g. one individual shall have the right to use and the right of beneficial use and shall therefore be the usufructuary of said thing, while another individual shall have the right of disposal and shall therefore be the bare owner of said asset.

Suspensive condition

The suspensive condition is a future and uncertain event on which depends the realization of the contract.