A method used to calculate a notaire’s emoluments, costs, disbursements and fees resulting from the application of the scale. Disputes are settled by the department Chamber or court.

Tensed area

Geographical area in which the housing demand exceed the offer.

The deceased

The individual whose inheritance is being settled.

Third party

Any person who is not a party to a legal act or judgment. The terms of the agreement may be applied to such person, even if he/she has not taken part in said agreement.


The total used to calculate the reserved portion and disposable portion should not be confused with either the total estate or the total to be divided up. In addition to existing property, the total includes all the property the deceased gave as gifts . On the other hand, the total estate only covers the property assigned due to death and therefore only includes donated property that has to be returned to the estate. The total that can be divided up is more restricted because it only includes property assigned due to death, less any property donated individually.