The ENRWA renews its Board of Directors


The June 20, 2015, Mr. Philipe Girard, notary in Marseilles, was elected President of the Association of the European network of registers of wills (ENRWA).

He succeeds Mr. Karel Tobback, notary in Boom Belgium, who becomes Vice President. The other directors are Mr. Octavian Rogojanu, notary in Bucharest, Romania, Mr. Calvo Isidoro, a notary in La Coruña in Spain and finally Me Valerio Auriemma, notary in Bologna, Italy.

In the coming five years, ENRWA continue the interconnection of registers of wills which, to date, is for fifteen registers.

The ENRWA will also implement the interconnection of European inheritance certificate registers. These certificates may be issued by notaries from the 17th August (date of full implementation of the EU regulation on international successions). In France, the European Certificate of Succession will be recorded in the central file of the provisions of last will in a nearly identical procedure to that in force for the registration of wills. The French notaries in the coming weeks will receive a detailed communication on the registration of those certificates. The most advanced countries in IT work on the certificates of registration are Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. From the end of August, it should be possible for a notary of the four countries to find a certificate registered by another notary.

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