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European Directory of Notaries


­Find a notary who speaks your language thanks to the European Directory of Notaries­!

It is possible to find the contact details of a notary anywhere in the European Union who speaks your language, thanks to the European Directory of Notaries, which is a free service.

Using the European Directory of Notaries you can, for example, find a notary in Prague who speaks English and will be able to help you with your dealings there (purchase of a property, settlement of a succession, etc.).

This service, which is partially funded by the European institutions, lists the 40,000 notaries in the European Union and Croatia. It provides their contact details and also states the languages used by the notary. All you need to do is choose one of the EU’s 23 official languages and a country where you wish to find a notary (with the option of selecting a town). You can then consult the personal profiles of the­ notaries corresponding to your search. You have access to the notary’s contact details (postal address, telephone number, email, website, etc.) and the location of the notary’s office on a map of the town.­

Try it out at : ­www.annuaire-des-notaires.eu