The European notariat received in Paris

CNUE a Paris - Notaires de France
The European notariat received in Paris

On December 13, 2019, the Board of Directors of the Council of Notaries of the European Union (CNUE) met at the High Council of French Notariat in Paris.

It was the last meeting of the CNUE presidency held by Me Pierre-Luc Vogel this year. In 2019, a year of transition in the European institutions, the CNUE became involved in promoting the European elections by relaying the campaign; it has drawn up and disseminated political proposals for new MEPs and European Commissioners.

In order to better publicize the historical role of the notary profession throughout the continent, an exhibition of famous notarial deeds has been built, it also presents the digital tools created by notaries to provide a modern and efficient service to their clients and to the states. It was inaugurated in the European Parliament in mid-November. This exhibition is intended for travel and will be presented throughout 2020 in several member states of the European Union.

The European legislative agenda being particular this year, this quieter time was used to deepen the links and knowledge between the notaries and to reflect on the technological tools that can facilitate the work of the notary and improve the service rendered citizens, businesses and public figures. Also, share feedback. It is in this context that innovation prizes were presented for the first time to six notariats for innovative tools during a reception in the European Parliament on 13 November.

In 2020, the CNUE will be chaired by Me Georgios Rouskas (Greece).