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Me Paolo Pasqualis, new president of Notaries of Europe


Since January, 12th, Mr Paolo Pasqualis, an Italian notary in Portogruaro, is President of the 40,000 notaries of the European Union.

Building on the 2020 Plan of the Notaries of Europe, Mr Pasqualis intends to focus the CNUE’s actions in 2016 on the practical application of the European regulation on international successions, which became applicable on 17 August 2015.

Following the success of its first training programme, “Europe for Notaries – Notaries for Europe”, the CNUE will begin a new programme in 2016 involving the organisation of 11 seminars in 11 Member States, the first of which will be held in Vienna on 29 January 2016.

The CNUE will also support the work of the European Network of Registers of Wills Association (ENRWA) to interconnect registers of wills in Europe, in addition to registers of European Certificates of Succession.

More informations on the CNUE website.