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Movements of CNUE President Luxembourg and the Netherlands


On 20 and 23 July, Jean Tarrade visited Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

On July 20, 2015, Jean Tarrade, CNUE President, visited the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to meet with the Minister of Justice Mr. Felix Braz. He was accompanied by Frank Molitor, President of the Luxembourg notary. Throughout the second half of 2015, is Luxembourg who chairs the Council of the European Union.
The meeting was an opportunity for an exchange of background on the two major political issues that mobilize Brussels profession: the negotiations on the Regulation on public documents and negotiations on the directive on the European single member company.

On 23 July, the President of the CNUE traveled to the Netherlands to meet with officers of the Conference on Private International Law Hague (HCCH) to discuss, among others, the implementation of the 2000 Convention on the protection of vulnerable adults.
This discussion was followed by a working meeting with Mr. Jef Oomen, President of the Royal House of the Dutch notary.
In the Netherlands, notaries and notarial candidates are 3035 in number, distributed in 900 studies. Dutch notary employs 5900 people.