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The High Council of French Notariat

(Conseil supérieur du notariat)

The way the profession of French notaires is organised is based on a plan defined by the Order of 2 November 1945 and the decree of 19 December 1945.

  • Several organisations bring together the Notaries of France :

    • 72 chambers with departement jurisdiction (some have inter-departement jurisdiction under certain circumstances),

    • 33 regional councils with regional jurisdiction,

    • The High Council of French Notariat with national jurisdiction.

  • Various bodies also contribute, each in its own way, to the development and driving of the profession :

    • Liaison Committee of Notaries of France (Assemblée de Liaison des notaires de France),

    • A.D.S.N. (Association for the Development of the Notarial Service - Association pour le Développement du Service Notarial),

    • French notarys Pension Fund (Caisse de retraite des notaires),

    • French notary's employees' Pension Fund (La Caisse de retraite des clercs et employés de notaires C.R.P.C.E.N)­

    • C.R.I.D.O.N. (Centres de Recherche, d'Information et de Documentation Notariales – Notarial Research, Information and Documentation Centres),

    • Training organisations for French notary and employees,

    • Social organisations, etc.

  • Role of the High Council of French Notariat

    • The High Council of French Notariat, which is the only body authorised to act on behalf of all the Notaries of France, is a public-interest organisation created by the Order of 2nd November 1945.

    • It represents the profession to the public authorities,

    • It determines the profession’s general policy,

    • It contributes to the developments of the notary profession,

    • It provides collective services notaires,
    • In its relations with the public authorities, the High Council for the French Notariat contributes to discussions on changes in the law and gives its opinion on laws and regulatory texts while they are in the drafting stage.
  • Structure of the High Council

    • The High Council comprises delegates elected by each Regional Council. They are elected for four years by the members of the Regional Council and those of the Chambers of the Notaires under the authority of this council. Half of the delegates are replaced every two years. Each of the 24 Regional Councils brings together the notaires of the same Court of Appeal.

    • The Board of the High Council comprises seven members who are elected for two years at the General Meeting. The Chairman of the High Council is also elected for two years.

    • General Meetings are held several times a year. Several specialised commissions prepare the meetings.

    • In addition to the commissions, the following organisations support the High Council of French Notariat in its work :

      - I.E.J. (Institut d'études juridiques – Institute of Legal Studies) which was founded in 1971 with the twin objectives of, on the one hand liaising with the ministerial departments in examining draft bills submitted to parliament, suggesting any modifications and amendments and contributing to drawing up regulatory texts and, on the other, taking any initiatives needed to encourage positive changes in the law.

      - I.D.D. (Institute of Development - Institut du Développement) which th role is to improve Notaires' expertise and to develop notarial activity in these fields.
      The IDD assemble 6 sections : Institut notarial de l’entreprise et des sociétiés (Notarial Institute of Companies), Institut notarial de l’immobilier (Notarial Institute of Real Estate), Institut notarial du patrimoine et de la famille (Notarial Institute of Property and the Family), Institut notarial de l’espace rural et de l’environnement (Notarial Institute of Rural Areas and Environment) and Institut notarial des collectivités locales (Notarial Institute of Local Authorities).

    • The offices of the High Council of French Notariat are located at 60 boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg - 75007 Paris.