The Superior Council of Notaries (CSN)

(Conseil supérieur du notariat - CSN)

The Superior Council of Notaries is the professional organization of the notary, which is authorized to speak on behalf of the notaries of France. The CSN is a public utility establishment defined by the Ordinance and the Decree of 1945.

Notary: organization of the notarial profession

The Superior Council of Notaries, which has national jurisdiction. It is the highest authority in the professional organization.

  • 33 regional councils of notaries with regional competence; access the directory of regional councils of notaries
  • 66 departmental chambers of notaries with departmental or interdepartmental competence; access the directory of departmental chambers of notaries

Bodies that contribute to the development and life of the notarial profession:

  • The Liaison Meeting of French notaries
  • The Association for the Development of Notarial Services (A.D.S.N.)
  • The Provident and Retirement Fund for Notaries (C.P.R.N.)
  • The Pension Fund for Clerics and Employees of Notaries (C.R.P.C.E.N.)
  • The Notarial Research, Information and Documentation Centers (C.R.I.D.O.N.).

There are 5 in France : Cridon de Paris, Cridon Nord-Est, Cridon Lyon, Cridon Sud-Ouest, and Cridon Ouest;

  • Training organizations for notaries and collaborators.
  • Social organizations, etc...

The tasks of the Superior Council of Notaries

The only body of the profession authorized to speak on behalf of all notaries in France, the Superior Council of Notaries is a public utility establishment. It is based on a regimen, defined by the Ordinance dated 2nd November 1945 and the decree dated 19 December 1945.

It represents the profession to the public authorities, determines the general policy, it contributes to the development of the notarial profession and provides collective services to notaries.

In its relations with the public authorities, the Superior Council of Notaries, contributes to the concept on the evolution of the law, gives its opinion on the draft legislations or the ongoing regulatory texts.

The composition of the Superior Council of Notaries

The Supreme Council is made up of delegates who are elected within each Regional Council. They are elected for a time span of four years by the members of the Regional Council and by the members of the Chambers of Notaries, within the jurisdiction of this council. The delegates are replaced by half every two years. Regional Councils bring together notaries from the same Court of Appeal.

The Office of the Superior Council of Notaries is made up of seven members, elected for two years by the General Assembly. The President of the Superior Council of Notaries is elected for two years. The general assembly of the Superior Council of the Notary meets several times during the year; its sessions are prepared by several specialized committees.

In addition to these commissions, the Superior Council of Notaries is assisted in its tasks by:

  • The Institute of Legal Studies (IEJ) created in 1971 with a dual objective: on the one hand, to examine, in conjunction with the ministerial services, bills and proposals submitted to the Parliament, suggest any adjustments and amendments, and take part in the drafting of regulatory texts, on the other hand, take initiatives to promote the development of the law.
  • The aim of the Development Institute (IDD) is to promote the development of actions and tools, which are related to the main areas of expertise of the profession, raise awareness to trigger audiences - public authorities, partners, clients of notaries, etc. ... To do so, the IDD brings together 6 "sections": The Notarial Institute of Public Persons (INPP), the Notarial Institute of Real Estate (INDI), the Notarial Institute of Space rural and environment (INERE), the Notarial Institute of Enterprises and Companies (INES), the Notarial Institute of Heritage and Family (INPF), last but not least, the European and International Notarial Institute (INEI). Each institute works by maintaining and developing notarial expertise and skills in its field by offering and ensuring the implementation of specific actions and tools.

The High Council of Notaries is located at 60 boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg - Paris (7th district).

A team at the disposal of notaries

A team of more than 100 employees, working daily at the disposal of notaries. The services of the CSN are headed by Jérôme Fehrenbach, General Inspector of Finance.

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