The Civil Law Notary: An institution under rapid growth

Recognizing the Civil Law Notary as a factor of balance in the rule of law, many countries have endeavored to strengthen or even create it. Today, more than 2/3 of the world's population know the Civil Law Notary.

Civil Law Notary in Asia

The notariats of China, Mongolia, Vietnam of South Korea, Indonesia and Japan are members of the U.I.N.L.

Other Asian countries have shown great interest in the notariat, including Cambodia and Thailand.

Civil Law Notary in the Eastern countries

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, 19 countries in Central and Eastern Europe have reinstated the notarial institution of "Latin type"; their notariats are members of the International Union of Notaries (UINL). This is also the case in Russia.

Today, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in particular are interested in our notarial model.

Civil Law Notary in Africa

In Africa, 19 countries have become members of the UINL. A notarial law has recently been passed in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Civil Law Notary in North America

The notary is present in Canada, in the province of Quebec.

The notariat in Central and South America All Central and South American countries are aware of the notarial institution.

Civil Law Notary in the Mediterranean area

In 2006, all the notariats around the Mediterranean met in Marseille in Congress to discuss their rights and practices.

Since then, the symposium of Mediterranean notariats has been held every two years, the last time in Madrid in 2018.

Civil Law Notary in the Middle East

Turkey and Lebanon have a notariat under Latin law. Jordan, Iran and the United Arab Emirates have also expressed interest in this type of notary, delegate of public authority, which has a mission to prevent litigation.

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