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Purpose of buildings


A difference is usually made between the purpose of buildings and the use to which they are put.

  • What is the difference between "purpose of buildings" and "occupancy" ?

  • Which buildings are concerned ?

    • The concept of destination of buildings was redefined in 2015. There are now 5 destinations, each comprising several sub-destinations:

    • Destination of buildings Under destination
      Agricultural and Forestry Operations - agricultural exploitation
      - lumbering
      dwelling - housing
      - accommodation
      Trade and service activities - crafts and retail
      - restoration
      - Wholesale
      - service activities where the reception of a clientele takes place
      - hotel and tourist accommodation
      - cinema
      Community facilities and public services - premises and offices for the general public and similar
      - technical and industrial premises of public and similar administrations
      - educational, health and social work institutions
      - art and spectator halls
      - sports equipments
      - other equipment for the public
      Other activities in the secondary or tertiary sector - industry - warehouse
      - office
      - Convention and Exhibition Center



The notaire, who is your local legal specialist, will guide and advise you as to which solution is right for you.

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