Notary Training and Jobs

  • N­otary

    • Notary : job description

      • French notaire is a public officer benefiting as a delegation of public power, ie the state. It is placed under the control of the departmental or inter-departmental chamber of notaire which it depends, and the Crown Prosecutor.


  • Clerk-editor

    • Clerk-editor : job description

      • The clerk is the editor-turning pin of the study. All notaires were one day clerk-editor. This is the essence of art.

      • The writer is a legal technician.

      • He writes the deeds, that is to say the agreements of the parties. Some copywriters specialize by department: family, real estate sales, estate...


  • Formalist

    • Formalist : job description

      • The formalist follows the signature deeds, to make them binding and ensure their registration (and payment of property transfer fee).


  • Taxing accounting

    • Taxing accounting : job description

      • The accountant is the specialist figure in a legal environment.

      • It provides economic and accounting activity of the office. It establishes billing deeds and notarial services.

    Taxing accounting

  • Lawyer

    • Lawyer : job description

      • The lawyer works directly with the notary in all important stages of life of individuals or professionals.

      • It is a legal technician who collects the necessary administrative documents, participates in the preparation of deeds, and accompanies the notaire or lawyer confirmed case tracking.

      • He is in contact with customers for files entrusted to him.


  • Notarial assistant

    • Notarial assistant : job description

      • The assistant is often the first contact with the customer. This is a real technical support to the notary or lawyer.

      • The notarial assistant assignments vary depending on the size of the study.

    Notarial assistant