• Clerk-editor : job description

    • The clerk is the editor-turning pin of the study. All notaires were one day clerk-editor. This is the essence of art.

    • The writer is a legal technician.

    • He writes the deeds, that is to say the agreements of the parties. Some copywriters specialize by department: family, real estate sales, estate...

  • Educate yourself about clerk-editor profession

    • Vocational degree « métiers du notariat » delivered by University.
      University education one year in the faculties of law authorized for that purpose, which includes a mentored internship at a notary office. This degree is then used to access the preparation of the diploma of the Institut des métiers du notariat (IMN).
      Access: For those with a bac + 2, a training area compatible with that of the professional license "métiers du notariat." Admission is held on file.
      The training alternates theoretical and practical.

    • Professional Diplome of the Instituts des métiers du notariat
      One year block- release training includes a paid internship in a notaire's office, along with technical and practical at the Institut des métiers du notariat.
      Access: For holders of a law degree or a professional license "métiers du notariat" attesting a professional internship at a notaire office (access possible within the limits of available seats).

    • Other degrees available:
      Notary Diploma of internally after 9 years of professional practice.