• Notary : job description

    • French notaire is a public officer benefiting as a delegation of public power, ie the state. It is placed under the control of the departmental or inter-departmental chamber of notaire which it depends, and the Crown Prosecutor.

    • Authenticates the notaire deeds: by affixing his seal and his signature, he officially observes the will expressed by the people who sign them. He personally committed to the content and the date of the deed. This deed is then required with the same force as a final judgment.

    • It is also a liberal professional who maintains its independence, and a business leader responsible for its economic balance. It shall be an advisory obligation regarding its customers.

  • The employee of notary

    • The employee notary performs the same functions that a liberal lawyer, but his status is that of an employee of the office.

  • The assistant of notary

    • Graduate notary, he works directly with the notary with all the important stages of the life of individuals or professionals. He is in contact with clients for cases assigned to him. Framework of the study, it is most often responsible for a service or a team of writers.

    • It controls the execution of deeds. He is a specialist in an area of law: tax , business, wealth management.

    • Learn more about the role of the notaire, the areas of intervention of the notaire, the notaire's fee.


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Educate yourself about profession of notaire

  • Academic training

    • The holder of a Master 1 in law, continued his studies in the faculty of law in order to obtain the Master 2 mention right or right specialty Notarial Law. 
      An internship of a minimum duration of one month is included in the preparation of the master.

    • The trainee notaire holds a Master 2 in law, will cary out 1 internship remunerated office, alternating with 4 half-yearly teaching in a university in partnership with the Institut National des Formations Notariales - INFN, and write an internship report.

    • The higher degree of Notaires (DSN) obtained, the assistant of notaire validate its future course notaire to exercise as a notaire.

  • In-house training

    • This gateway to the exercise of the notaire profession is open to persons exercising professional activities of a notaire (or a notarial organization) for over 9 years, 6 after graduation 1 clerk or a diploma from one of the 17 teaching sites (grouped within the INFN). However, it will require a length of seven years in which notaires four years after graduation of the first clerk or one of the IMN employees to notaires masters in law, graduates first clerk or diploma holders the IMN who wish to go that route.The nomination is made by application to the Minister of Justice.

    • Candidates will pass the technical proficiency test (ECCT), who will deliver them immediately the Certificate of Fitness for the notaire functions.

  • Consult job adverts of Civil Law Notary on the website "Bourse d'emplois du notariat"