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Purpose of buildings


A difference is usually made between the purpose of buildings and the use to which they are put.

  • What is the difference between "purpose of buildings" and "occupancy" ?

  • Which buildings are concerned ?

    1. Residential,

    2. Residential hotels,

    3. Offices,

    4. Shops,

    5. Crafts,

    6. Industry,

    7. Warehousing,

    8. Farming or forestry work,

    9. Buildings and facilities required for utilities or public-interest services.

    • Depending on the case, a change in purpose is authorised by the issue of a statement that there is no opposition to the preliminary declaration, or by a building permit being issued. Authorisation is given irrespective of whether or not the change involves any work to be carried out.

    • Very often the situation is analysed exclusively by the Notaire according to the projects in question and the client’s explanations. This is an essential stage before any operation. Legal certainty depends on it immediately, as does any resale. 


The notaire, who is your local legal specialist, will guide and advise you as to which solution is right for you.

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