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Real estate market report n°59 - april 2023

french property market report 59
15 May 2023

Real estate situation analyzed by the notaires de France: property prices and trends in the 4th quarter 2022

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Meet the notaries of France at the International Agricultural Show

Salon international de l'Agriculture - miniature
23 February 2023

Meet the notaries of France at the International Agricultural Show

French property market report NO.58 / January 2023

French property market report 58 - january 2023
06 February 2023

The cumulative volume of transactions for older homes over the last twelve months in France (excluding Mayotte) reached 1,116,000 transactions at the

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French property market report No57

French property market report No57
14 November 2022
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National Forum of Associations and Foundations

20 October 2022

At the Forum National des Associations & Fondations, the notaries of France led a conference with France Générosités on "The association, universal

Scam: Resurgence of RIB fraud attempts

11 March 2022

The accelerated dematerialization of exchanges following the health crisis is conducive to cybercrime. Fraud involving changes to bank details (RIB)

French property market report n°54 / January 2022

14 February 2022

Real estate prices and trends in the 3rd quarter of 2020, consequences of the coronavirus on real estate in France, new real estate behaviors: the

International Agricultural Show 2022: meet french notaires!

02 February 2022

From February 26 to March 6, 2022, consult a notary at the Paris International Agricultural Show! 

Expatriates in Europe: notaries answer you live on Facebook!

05 October 2021

On October 25, the notaries will answer you live on Facebook, on the occasion of the "open doors" days of the Notaries of Europe.