Make a bequest to a foundation or an association

You have the right to leave all or part of your inheritance , to a structure of general interest which, due to you, will be able to pursue its humanitarian, social, educational, research missions, in the medium and long term.

How to bequest? Determine the share you wish to bequest

Therefore, the share that you decide to pass on, shall be used in its entirety, after your death for a cause which is very important to you, without taxation. Here are some useful elements to keep in mind, before you make up your mind.

Read the rule sheet to know, before carrying out a donation .

To which association/foundation or endowment fund, can you bequest all or a part of your assets?

Legacies in favor of associations can only be made, if they are in keeping with certain conditions.

You can mainly bequest to:

  • associations and foundations recognized as public utility,
  • cultural associations when their sole object is the exclusive practicing of faith
  • associations whose sole purpose is assistance, charity, scientific or medical research,
  • approved unions of family associations,
  • associations registered for at least 3 years and having obtained the capacity to receive (works or organizations of general interest with a philanthropic, educational, scientific, social, humanitarian, sports, family, cultural character, or contributing to the development of artistic heritage, defense of the natural environment or the dissemination of French culture, language and scientific knowledge),
  • associations subject to local law of Alsace-Moselle.

You can decide to bequeath to one or more organizations, while gratifying your loved ones. Your bequests to associations and/or foundations are exempt of tax .

What can you bequest an association, foundation or endowment fund?

You can bequest your entire estate, or a sum of money, assets , jewelry, artworks, buildings (house, apartment, land plot), and any other property which may belong to you. You can also bequeath certain property to relatives (family, friends ...), in the same will .

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