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Clerk-editor : job description

The clerk is the editor-turning pin of the study. All notaires were one day clerk-editor. This is the essence of art.

The writer is a legal technician.

He writes the deeds, that is to say the agreements of the parties. Some copywriters specialize by department: family, real estate sales, estate...

Educate yourself about clerk-editor profession

Vocational degree « métiers du notariat »

University education one year in the faculties of law authorized for that purpose, which includes a mentored internship at a notary office. This degree is then used to access the preparation of the diploma of the métiers du notariat.
Access: For those with a bac+2, a training area compatible with that of the professional license "métiers du notariat." Admission is held on file.
The training alternates theoretical and practical.

Professional Diplome of the métiers du notariat

One year block- release training includes a paid internship in a notaire's office, along with technical and practical at the Institut national des formations notariales (INFN).
Access: For holders of a law degree or a professional license "métiers du notariat" attesting a professional internship at a notaire office (access possible within the limits of available seats).

Other degrees available: Notary Diploma of internally after 9 years of professional practice.

Two possible ways to form

Choose the Institut national des formations notariales

The Institut national des formations notariales (INFN) was born from the desire to create a great school of notaries by merging the Institutes of notarial professions that trained the collaborators of notaries and the Professional Training Centers of notaries that trained notaries.

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