Taxing accounting

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Taxing accounting : job description

The accountant is the specialist figure in a legal environment.

Taxing accounting missions

It provides economic and accounting activity of the office. It establishes billing deeds and notarial services.

Taxing it also calculates for each act the part of taxes that must be repaid to the state.
In some cases, it may also exercise a personnel management mission (pay, benefits and tax , leave, absences ...)

In direct relation with all actors of the office (notaries, formalists ...), this position requires great rigor and knowledge acts as the legal level tax.

Educate yourself about taxing accounting profession

The holder of a BTS Accounting (or its equivalent) will conduct specific training in Institut national des formations notariales (INFN).
The Institut national des formations notariales (INFN) offer training from year to year time sanctioned after passing exams, a special education monitoring notarial certificate in accounting and tax deeds.

He will then get a certificate in accounting-taxing:

  • by certification evaluation conducted after a training course, conducted as part of a professional contract.
  • by capitalization of modules, monitored as part of the training plan, periods of professionalisation or DIF.
  • by Accreditation of Prior Experiental Learning (APL).

Two possible ways to form

Choose the Institut national des formations notariales

The Institut national des formations notariales (INFN) was born from the desire to create a great school of notaries by merging the Institutes of notarial professions that trained the collaborators of notaries and the Professional Training Centers of notaries that trained notaries.

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