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Updated on Thursday 20 July 2023


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I am a doctor. I want to buy an apartment in a co-ownership to make it my residence and my medical practice. The co-ownership regulations include a bourgeois housing clause. Can I still practice my profession?

It depends. In accordance with article 8, para. 1 of Law No. 65-557 of July 10, 1965, the co-ownership regulations determine the destination of the private and common sections, as well as the conditions of their enjoyment. Each co-owner can freely enjoy his private partitions, subject to not infringing the…
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I sold my apartment on February 2, but I've just received the property tax notice. Do I have to pay it, or can I ask the buyer to pay part of it?

In principle, property tax is due by the owner on January 1 of the current year. As a result, in principle, you are liable for it. However, it is customary to specify in the deed of sale that the seller and buyer will share the burden of this tax on…
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How to reduce inheritance tax on real estate and avoid capital gains?

As the sole heir to the estate of a 4th degree relative, I'm looking to reduce the amount of inheritance tax (between 55% and 60% min.) and then avoid a capital gain on the property. Once the inheritance tax has been paid on the estimated value of the property, should…
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My wife has just passed away. We owned our primary residence. As part of the inheritance tax declaration, am I obliged to apply the 20% deduction on the principal residence of the deceased? ?

Yes. The General Tax Code provides, for the calculation of inheritance tax, that buildings are valued according to their real market value on the date of death. But, with regard to the main residence of the deceased, article 764 bis of the CGI provides for the automatic application of a…
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My parents having had 4 children, they obtained social housing with 5 rooms about thirty years ago. After the death of my father, my mother stayed in this apartment, and I came to live with her a year and a half ago. She passed away and I want to (...)

...take over her lease. Is it possible? It depends. Indeed, on the death of the tenant, the rental contract can be transferred to the descendants who lived with him for at least one year on the date of death (art. 14 law n ° 89-462 of July 6, 1989), including…
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