Accessing the Wills registry - FCDDV

In 1971, in order to prevent inheritances being liquidated and divided up in breach of the deceased person's wishes, the notary profession created the Central Registry of Wills (FCDDV), or the Wills Registry.

What is the Wills registry used for?

This database, which is regulated by the 1972 Basle convention, can be accessed by the public.

His consultation is required whenever a settlement of all inheritance . It allows the notary to record the existence of a testamentary disposition. Only the notary, guarantees the preservation of the provision in his office, can make this recording to the file.

Can I access to the Wills registry?

Yes you can access to the Wills registry on the website www.adsn.notaires.fr (paying service only in French).

You can also query the FCDDV by mail with a copy of the death certificate of the testator. You will be information that the name of the notary testament holder and contact information. It is the only authorized to tell you if you are legatee or not the deceased .

What do I do next?

You should then contact the notaire who holds this instrument or any notaire you choose. The notaire will advise you and complete all the formalities and procedures needed to process your request.

You can also ask your notaire to search the database on your behalf.

You should note: The notaire is the only officer who can draw up a statutory declaration (acte de notoriété). Then, according to article 730-1 of the French Civil Code, " the proof of the status of heir may result from a statutory declaration drawn up by a notaire (paragraph l). "

One of your heirs has just died

If you have just inherited, you may find it difficult to come to terms with your new situation. Consult the guide.