The "mobility" lease

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Created by the Elan law, the mobility lease is a short-team lease agreement for a furnished property. It gives more the landlord flexibility and eases access to housing, particularly for students or people who move around for work. The landlord cannot demand any security deposit from the tenant.


What is the "mobility" lease?

The mobility lease is a rental contract for students or people with professional mobility. The lessor can not demand any deposit from the tenant. They can, however, demand a guarantee, facilitated by the VISALE rental guarantee mechanism (VISA for housing and employment). In the event of cohabitation, the landlord cannot impose joint liability between the co-tenants or their deposits.

Details of the mobility lease

  • Maximum duration of 10 months, non renewable.
  • Intended for students and people who move around: professional transfer/temporary assignment/vocational training/work experience/apprenticeship/voluntary work (as part of civic service).
  • Rental charges paid as a fixed rate.
  • No administrative declaration or authorisation for the owner.
  • No security deposit for the tenant.
  • No joint liability clause for the tenants or their deposits.
  • The department’s conciliation commission is not competent to judge disputes concerning the mobility lease.
  • Provisions concerning the mobility lease are a matter of public policy.
  • The premises subject to a mobility lease are meant for habitation.

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