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French notaire : specialist in property valuation

­Property valuing is one of the civil law notary’s traditional specialisations.

­­Looking to sell a property? Consult the guide "Selling property".

  • French notaire : specialist in property valuation

    • It enables notaires specialising in property valuation to advise, assist and defend their clients in a range of situations such as gifts , liquidation of community of property, inheritance , solidarity tax on wealth (ISF), payment of tax arrears, etc. for all types of immovable property using methods and resources such as property reference databases.

    • Notexpe­rt certification is awarded to notaires or employees who have received in-depth training and who have practised property valuation regularly for more than five years.

    • Notexpert members practise valuation under the certification for their own clients or those of their counterparts. They comply with the methodological guidelines and code of professional conduct in force, and abide by the property valuation charter that applies to specialists in the property sectors.

    • Notexpert, currently comprises 200 certified property valuers throughout France.

    • Check the list of property valuersContact them directly to find out their terms and conditions and for information on property valuation.

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