Withdrawing delegation authority from a deputy in town council

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The mayor may, at any time, withdraw the delegation given to a deputy whom he has granted. It is a discretionary power that must have as its objective the interest of the proper functioning of the municipal administration.


Withdrawal of the deputy mayor's delegation: municipal by-law

Pursuant to Article L 2122-18 of the General Code of Territorial Communities, this decision, which takes the form of an order, does not have to be motivated or subject to an adversarial procedure.

When the mayor has withdrawn the delegations he has given to a deputy, it is the municipal council that must decide on the retention of the deputy.

Notary and territorial collectivity

Whenever the notary is in charge of receiving an act involving a local community, and as he would for any individual, he verifies the identity of the parties and his powers.

It helps to guarantee the validity of the acts it receives, and also guarantees the responsibility that could be engaged by a local authority or its representative. This control is a formal control: date, composition of councils, powers, delegations, rules of incompatibilities and prohibitions, and editorial content and publicity of deliberations