Designated development zones

  • What are designated development zones?

    • Designated development zones are areas* which a dedicated public authority or body decides to develop.

    • * ­These areas are usually acquired by the authority or body, with a view to subsequently selling them off or granting them to public or private users.

    • This definition explains why the designated development zone scheme, contrary to housing development operations or building permits authorising division, is the result of a public initiative since a private person/entity would not be authorised to implement this type of procedure.

  • How is this development project?

    • The public entity initiating the operation may decide to develop the zone themselves or contract the development out to another public or private person (the contractor).

    • During or after the development phase, the land will be sold for public and/or private amenities or buildings to be installed on it.

  • The Notaire and designated development zones

    • Having such sales handled by a Notaire is an opportunity to establish high-quality long-term relations with local and regional authority departments so that such zones are developed in a way that guarantees transparency and security.

    • This applies to both buyers and sellers (proper application of regulations, specifications) and ensures that the budding urban zone is developed consistently.

    • The Notaire thereby fosters interaction between public and private players.

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