115e French Notaries' Congress: International topics

Dossier de presse du 115e congres de notaires de France
115e French Notaries' Congress: International topics

From 2 to 5 June 2019, "Brussels Expo" receives the 115e French Notaries' Congress about the international private law: International family and estate issues, the notarial profession is faced with the challenges of international mobility.

The 115e French Notaries' Congress structures his reflexion in 4 aeras :

1st commission : Finding one's bearing

  • Helping notaries to find their bearings in terms of their knowledge of the various legal systems, their interpretations and their hierarchy.
  • The tools, websites and collaborative platforms available at French, European and global levels are listed and presented.

2nd commission : Drafting

  • At each stage of the drafting of the notarial instrument, overcoming the obstacle of the language as well as checking the identities of the parties, the capacity in which they act;
  • determining the expression of the price and the clauses pertaining to the election of domicile.
  • Anticipating the deed's circulation and effectiveness beyond the borders.
  • Adopting good habits when dealing with international aspects.
  • Examining the tax consequences of mobility.;

3rd Commission : Living

  • Partnerships, weddings, separations, inheritance and living abroad are about building a cosmopolitan family life and a global estate. Notaries advise couples through their knowledge of the international rules governing partnerships and matrimonial property regimes.
  • Preparing to live abroad and international succession.

4th Commission : Contracting

  • Dealing with and financing an asset acquisition in France by a non-resident.
  • Offering the lending institution guarantee and encouraging the freedom of establishment of citizens.
  • Formalising the rights and obligations of the parties involved.
  • Fighting efficiently money laundering when there is a foreign element.
  • Knowing the French land registration rules and their requirements.

More informations on the website of the French Notaries' Congress