What are the consequences of divorce for the children?

Divorce does not impact the rights and duties of parents with their children. Father and mother continue to exercise parental authority mutually.


The place of residence for children

When it comes to a divorce by mutual consent, the place of residence of the children is jointly decided by the parents. In the case of contentious divorces, it is the judge’s decision. The parent with whom the child does not ordinarily reside has visiting and accommodation rights. The procedures for exercising this right are specified in the divorce decree..

Child support

Parents must feed, maintain and raise their children even after they reach the age of majority (as long as the child is not financially independent). After a divorce, this obligation concerns the parent with whom the children do not have their usual residence, through paying for child support. Thanks to this contribution (which he pays to his ex-spouse), he continues to assume, part of the education costs, just like before.

No official scale fixes the amount of child support. It is determined by the parents during the divorce, through mutual consent and by the judge during other proceedings. However, an indicative reference grid *, has been set up by the Ministry of Justice. Read the content "Taxes: How to declare income during the year of divorce ?"