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French property prices: indexes and maps

Notaires-INSEE Indexes

In the second quarter of 2018, the prices of second-hand properties in France (excluding Mayotte) rose more slowly than in the previous quarter: +0.5% com-pared with the first quarter of 2018 (provisional seasonally adjusted figures), after +1.1%.

Year on year, prices continued to rise: +2.8%, after +2.9%. As observed since the end of 2016, the rise is mainly driven by the prices of apartments: +3.3% in one year, against +2.5% for houses.

Median price per sq.m. for older apartments in the 2nd quarter of 2018

Median selling price of older houses in the 2nd quarter of 2018

The french price index based on pre-contracts

The price index forecast at November 2018 based on pre-contracts throughout mainland France predicts that the prices of apart-ments and houses will continue to rise respectively by +3.9% and +3.3%. Based on pre-contracts registered in Paris, the price should rise to €9,570 per m² by Novem-ber 2018, up 3% compared with August. The annual increase in prices is expected to remain unchanged at 6% in November 2018. From August to November 2018, and again on the basis of our early indicators concern-ing pre-contracts, the price of apartments in Greater Paris should rise by 2.5% over 3 months, or 3% after correction of seasonal variations. The annual rise in prices should then level off at around 5% or apartments in Greater Paris, and 5.6% in the nearby sub-urbs. In the suburbs, the price of older houses should increase by roughly 4% in one year, again showing a sharper rise in the nearby suburbs (+5.2%) than in the outer suburbs (+3.4%). In the French provinces, the trend shown by the early indicators roughly mirrors the national trend with a predicted rise of 2.8% on the apartments market and 3.2% on the house market at the end of November 2018. In the biggest cities, prices of older apartments should continue to rise by between 5% and 10% in Rennes, Bordeaux, Nantes and Lyon. They are expected to level off in Montpellier and Toulouse. In Grenoble, prices continue to fall. For older houses, prices in the urban areas of Nantes, Marseille, Bordeaux and Lille continue to rise. In Toulouse and Lyon, prices are levelling off.

Loans Banque de France data (July 2018)

The average interest rate on new home loans (long-term fixed rate) continues to fall (1.53%, down from 1.55% in June and 1.57 % in May).

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