Selling or renting property to businesses

  • What are the regulations for the sale or lease of real estate companies?

    • Whilst it is clearly comprehensible that local and regional authorities wish to encourage companies to set up business on their territory, both French and EU rules and principles with respect to free competition prohibit them from selling or renting property, whether built or not, to private persons at a price or rent lower than the market price, subject to certain reductions that are strictly limited by law.­

    • Since January 1, 2016 (Act NOTRE 7 August 2015), the Region is responsible to develop a Regional Plan of Economic Development, Innovation and Internationalisation (SDREII).
      Relating to properties business, municipalities and EPCI with fiscal retain the power to decide the allocation of aid (grants, rebates, loan guarantees, ...).

  • The notaire in selling or renting property to business

    • Notaires are familiar with these situations because they record legal  instruments , particularly sales.

    • Here again, mayors and the Notaires responsible for drafting the instruments and overseeing the application of the law, have to work together.

    • Hide behind the review of the lawfulness of the prefect or sub-prefect although it makes enforceable decision, does not guarantee the nullity of the act. Only the notary, head provides the most effective guarantee.

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