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French Notaires in Brussels

As most Europeans' first port of call for legal advice, notaires must be aware of ordinary people's needs and difficulties.

The Notaires try to make the French and European authorities aware of ordinary people's concern­s and expectations of the law by playing an active part in developing and furthering the rapidly growing European judicial area.

The High Council of French Notariat (Conseil Supérieur du Notariat - CSN) therefore decided it needed permanent representation in Brussels.

  • The French Notaires' Bureau in Brussels

    • The French Notaires' Bureau was therefore created in February 2006 for the purpose of :

    • - maintaining day-to-day contact with the political decision-makers in Brussels ;

    • - ensuring close cooperation with the Notaires' representatives in Brussels ;

    • - playing an active role in the work of the CNUE ;­

    • - contributing to the training of French notaires in European issues and raising European institutions’ awareness of notaires by organising or jointly organising national or European events.­

    • The French notary is registered in the Registry transparency of European institutions issue: 04981716394-32­