My parents want to give property to their children. I was told about a joint donation. What is it ?

Joint inter-vivos distribution is a means of bringing together all the property of the parents (property and common goods) into a single mass and sharing it among the children.

What is the point ?

- Regarding the common children of the couple: regardless of the origin of the donated goods, children can receive indifferently own property (regardless of their origin, maternal or paternal) or common property. Example: If a child receives only his mother's own property, he is considered to have received a donation from both parents.

- Concerning the child of only one of the spouses: he may receive property belonging to him or the common property, but not the property of the other spouse who is not his biological parent. Where a common good is donated to an unusual child, the step-parent gives consent but is not considered a co-ordinator..