Can we still contact a notary during containment? And if yes, how?

Yes. In accordance with the measures of Decree No. 2020-260 dated March 16, 2020, the approximately 6,000 notarial offices have closed their reception to the public since March 17, 2020. But about 90% of them continue their activity remotely. They can be reached by phone, email and videoconference.

Notaries are therefore present and attentive to continue providing legal advice and services. They are always present, but at a distance, to inform customers, reassure them, advise them on their individual and current situation.

Notaries continue to manage current files and deal with any emergencies wich may arise, including the human consequences of the current health situation.

In addition, the notaries plan your future projects with you, in order to be ready when the containment has been lifted.

To contact a notary, please consult the directory of notaries