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Enhanced interest-free loans (PTZ)

The PTZ is a state regulated, interest-free loan which is intended to help with the acquisition of a main residence.

The loan cannot be used to finance 100% of the purchase and the borrower will have to take out an additional loan or a personal contribution.

  • Who is eligible to take out a PTZ loan?

    • PTZ interest-free loans are only available for first-time buyers or individuals who have not owned their main residence for the last two years, whose financial resources satisfy certain criteria.

    • However, this condition does not apply in the case of individuals :
      - who hold a disabled person's card,
      - who are in receipt of adult disability benefit, or benefits made available for persons bringing up disabled children or disaster victims. The loan must be used to purchase a property that will be the buyer's main residence.
      - or if it occupies a housing that has been a disaster (natural or technological, for example) and is, therefore, become permanently uninhabitable.

  • What are the criteria regarding resources?

    • The borrower's resources must not exceed a certain upper limit, which will depend upon the location of the property (zone A, B1, B2, or C) and the number of occupants.

    • For example: in the case of a household consisting of three people wishing to purchase a property located in zone B2, their income must not exceed €45,900.

  • What criteria must the property satisfy?

    • The accommodation must be the primary residence of the borrower for a period of 6 years from the payment of the loan (however, this condition can be relaxed in certain cases, particularly when the loan is used to finance housing destined to become the main residence the purchaser at the time of his retirement). After this period, it can be rented.

    • The property must become the borrower's main residence, no later than one year after the works have been completed or the property purchased or one year after the date of acquisition of housing if the latter is later.

    • PTZ can sometimes be used to finance the purchase of certain old property:
      - if the property has been the subject of extensive works, so that it can be classified as a new property,
      - or if it has been converted from non-residential to residential use, whether it is old or new).
      - In this latter case, the converted property must also satisfy energy performance criteria. Finally, it should be noted that a PTZ loan can also be used to finance part of the purchase of a property that was formerly let as social housing, if it is sold by a social landlord. In this case, it is not required to meet any energy performance criterion.

  • How is the PTZ calculated?

    • In order to determine how much can be borrowed under the PTZ scheme, a percentage is applied to the maximum cost of the operation, subject to a certain upper limit. The cost includes the construction or the purchase price and the negotiation fees . The authorised percentage will vary depending upon the geographical zone (A, B1, B2 or C) in which the property is located.

    • For example, for a household with three people who wish to acquire a property located in zone B2, the maximum amount of the PTZ loan will be €187,000 (the maximum cost on which the PTZ is calculated depends upon the zone in which it is located and the number of occupants of the property) x 40% (percentage applied in accordance with the zone in which the property is located), i.e. €187,000 x 40% = €74,800.

  • How long does it take to repay the PTZ loan?

    • The borrower has a Deferred Payment 5, 10 or 15 years depending on their income and rental housing. Thus, the total length of the loan can be up to 20, 22 or 25 years. More income of the borrower, the higher the loan period is short.

    • A PTZ loan can only be used to finance part of the operation, and so the borrower will have to take out other loans, or provide a personal contribution.

    • It should be noted that if the beneficiary of the loan sells their property in order to buy another one, they may ask for their PTZ loan to be transferred to the new property (subject to the agreement of the bank that provides the loan).