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Public Housing Offices

  • What are The Public Housing Offices?

    • Public Housing Offices (OPH) are the successors of public offices HLM (OPHLM) and public development and construction (OPAC).

    • The Public Housing Offices (offices publics de l’habitat - OPH) have taken over from the public OPHLM offices (offices publics d’HLM) which were public bodies set up by decree of the Council of State at the request of a municipal authority, a group of municipal authorities, a département Council or public body bringing together local authorities, and from the public OPAC offices (offices publics d’aménagement et de construction) which were public industrial and commercial bodies.
    • The French law of 13 July 2006 authorised the Government to issue an Order replacing these bodies. This Order was issued on 1st February 2007

    • Public Housing Offices are public industrial and commercial bodies supervised by intercommunal public cooperation organisations with jurisdiction over housing, or by départements or municipalities provided these are not members of such organisations.

    • They have far-reaching powers similar to those of the low-rent housing corporations (Sociétés anonymes d’Habitation à Loyer Modéré). Their chief activities include building and managing real estate, undertaking land/property operations, conducting development campaigns and providing services.

    • Public Housing Offices operate in the region where their supervisory local authority or public body is located, but they may also operate in the region’s neighbouring départements after approval of the municipal authority concerned by the operation.