13th Franco-Romanian notarial conference in Bucharest

13eme colloque notarial Franco-Roumain à Bucarest
13th Franco-Romanian notarial conference in Bucharest

In Bucharest, on December 16, 2019, the 13th annual Franco-Romanian notarial conference was held dedicated to the notaire in the digital world.

This conference was an opportunity to deal with the dematerialization of procedures in the two countries, compliance with the rules of ethics in a 2.0 world but above all to discuss the practice by notaries of the general regulations on data protection in the presence of the national supervisory authority for the protection of personal data of Romania.

In Romania as in France, every day, notaries process a large number of personal data. Mainly those of their customers but also those of their employees as employers.

At the center of the debates:

  • the principle of liceite and the basis of the data processing implemented in notarial studies;
  • how to combine the personal rights arising from the settlement (right of rectification, right of erasure, right to data portability, etc.) with the professional obligations of the notary: prevention of money laundering, archiving, information to purchasers on the origin of the property, etc.
  • to discuss the role of the data protection officer in the notarial study and finally on the definition of security breaches (loss of data, hacking, alteration of data) and on cases where service on national authorities of controls is essential