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An institution under rapid growth

Since many years, a number of countries, which are recognising the Civil Law Notary as an essential factor of balance in a State governed by the rule of law, have made efforts to strengthen the institution of the notaire or introduce it where it did not exist.

Today, more of 2/3 of the global population know the Civil Law Notary.

  • Asia

    • The notaries of China, Mongolia, Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia and Japan all belong to the U.I.N.L.

    • Other countries in Asia, particularly Cambodia and Thaïland, have shown considerable interest in the Civil Law notary.

  • Eastern Europe

    • Since the fall of the Berlin wall, 19 countries of central and Eastern Europe have reinstated "Latin" type Civil Law Notaries who belong to the UINL. This is also true of Russia.

  • Africa

    • In Africa, 19 countries have joined the UINL.

  • North America

    • The Civil Law Notary exists in Canada

    • In U.S.A. the authorities are becoming aware of the value of authentication in contractual relations, both as concerns the security of IT communication and the growing number of cross-border contracts.

    • A new category of legal specialist, known as "civil law notaries", has also appeared in several US States.

  • Central and South America

    • All the countries of Central and South America have notaries.

  • The Mediterranean region

    • In 2006 all the Civil Law Notaries from the Mediterranean countries met at a conference in Marseille to discuss their law and practice.

    • Since the conference of notaries of the Mediterranean is held every 2 years, the last time in Tangier city

  • The International action of French notaires